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The Networking and Partnership Initiative

The Networking and Partnership Initiative (NPI) is a program funded by Health Canada, as a measure of the Federal Action Plan for Official Language Minority Communities, and managed by the Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN). It is intended to support the capacity development of Quebec’s English-speaking communities to ensure their vitality and general well-being. To achieve this, the program currently funds 23 community networks within Quebec. CCS NPI is one of these networks, serving the English-speaking population of LaSalle.

By building strategic alliances and partnerships with local agencies, public institutions and community organizations, CCS NPI provides support to key partners willing to create or adapt existing services for the vulnerable English-speaking population. The current CCS NPI network includes a growing number of local organizations and institutions. 

Community Resources
Our Networking & Partnership Initiative has worked to compile resources relating to health and social services resources in Verdun and LaSalle that might be useful to English-speakers in Montreal. Check out what info might be relevant to you above.
Also, check out our interactive map of community resources across Verdun, at Mon Verdun a Moi
NPI Projects
Click here to view some of the programs we run out of the NPI at Collective Community Services, such as Positive Placements, our English health professionals retention program, our community health video conferences, and our English community capacity building program.
Enhancing Organizational Capacity
CCS is empowered to support the English-speaking community thanks to the Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise.
Thanks to SRQEA funding, we are able to act as representatives to the government, French-serving organizations, and the greater community. We raise up the voices of English-speakers, identify and highlight their needs, and act as a pillar of support to the community.
We assure that English-speakers are in the conversation - whether this means ensuring they get the services they need from the healthcare or education systems or that their voices are heard by community organizations working to serve Montrealers.

Main objectives and goals...

• Strengthen the network as a focal point in addressing the health and social services (HSS) needs of the English-speaking community.

• Increase the English-Speaking Community presence and participation in decision-making structures and processes of the health and social services system.

• Support the key elements of the health and social services system to adapt existing services in the English language.

What we have achieved so far...

• Increased collaboration and communication among stakeholders while promoting a multicultural, inclusive community.

• Expansion of the CCS NPI network through annual meetings, representation on community tables, and attendance at community events.

• Increased community knowledge of English services and resources in LaSalle.
• Outreach programs including chair yoga for seniors.
• Educational events, talks, and Q+As on pertinent health issues.

Next steps and new directions...

CCS NPI will continue to expand its reach and network. It will enhance the awareness of community resources, increasing community vitality. We will continue to do outreach programs supporting community members in increasing their access to health and social services. We will continue to break down silos across community organizations and government services serving the English-speaking community.

Take a look at our current projects page here to get to know more about what we are doing now. Keep an eye on our news page for events, reports, and more!.

For more information on the Networking Partnership Initiative (NPI), please contact:
NPI Manager: Alexandra Dahlberg

Network & Community Social Health Manager
Telephone: 514 937-5351 ext. 245
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